Thursday, 17 December 2009

Use A Candle - 17/12/2009

Christmas comes but once a year, thank Christ (literally), and the place is probably full of candles. If you're really lucky, it will be full of pretty girls (or boys, if you prefer) too... Anyone looks good in candlelight, even me.

Shoot on a tripod, work the exposure via a histogram (because your screen will be bright, so don't just guess), bracket, focus with the room lights on (because otherwise your AF will relentlessly pick up on the candles), have fun.

Maybe you'll get a Christmas kiss.

This one was done with an Olympus E500 (terrible low light camera, but we managed, just) and a 50mm f2, which is the equivalent of a 100mm on a Full Frame camera. Always use a longish lens when photographing glamour, or the poor girl will end up looking like Schnozzle Durante.


  1. Bugger. You've lost me already. I know how to find the histogram but not what I should be trying to make it look like for good results. Maybe time to RTFM....

  2. Actually, to be honest, I NEVER use the histogram, but that's because I've got 30 years practice... I think the main point is that in a dim room the review screen is going to make the shot look very bright, and when you see the result on the computer screen later, you're going to find it is dark...

  3. Lovely shot. What I love esp about it is that the details are all spot-on. The red walls, the burgundy/brown clothing, the red wine, the ornate, dark-wood chair back... It all adds hugely to the atmosphere. And the technical side excellent! Oh, and she's beautiful, and either knows how to pose, or has been directed well.

  4. Louis I really love this shot absolutely stunning !

  5. This is still one of your best shots. Ever.


  6. Thanks folks - any credit is down to Emma, who has a real knack for creating the pose.