Monday, 21 December 2009

Shooting A Line - 21/12/2009

Biblically awfully weather yesterday, and today is worse. Spent half of last night in conditions in which they could have filmed The Perfect Storm rescuing some giant idiot of a dog from a neighbour's swimming pool, and warming it up before it got hypothermia. I hope you'll forgive me sharing my news like this, I feel as though we're old friends by now.

The net result is we are back in the archives today, and will be tomorrow as well.

Yesterday's shot showcased the technique of dragging the eye along a line to the subject, so I though I'd show the same thing today. When setting up a shot, I always like to consider it as one of my options:

Tomorrow, I'll look at simply using the line itself.

Oh, and while I'm being chatty, this is my dog Kylix, and that's my girlfriend Eva.


  1. When was this taken?

    All this eye/line stuff takes me back to my History of Art a level. I had no idea things were so complicated....

  2. I love this photo. Eva and Kylix and the sand and the sky look perfect. Great composition.
    Lucy, I did History of Art A'level too, but I think composition is a lot to do with 'eye' - just looking at the shot and framing it so it looks optimal. Of course, some are excellent at that (Louis, for instance) and some don't have a natural 'eye'.