Saturday 3 December 2011

The Portable Kit

The portable kit., originally uploaded by acampm1.

Ok, so for serious work I have the big, heavy, full frame Nikon D3. Which is in turn slowly being edged out by the tiny GH2. But here we have everything you need for serious photography, provided the subject isn't running around too fast. Olympus E-PM1, 12mm f2, and 45mm f1.8. Takes up three pockets, and I can convert myself from biker to photographer in moments. Really very highly recommended!

Commuting Again

Commuting Again, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Ever find a photo you have no recollection of taking? As far as I know, I've never seen this photo before in my life. I think it is rather good.

Friday 2 December 2011

Sunken Boat

Sunken Boat, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Suffering and pain... I suspect the blasted boat sank because everyone was distracted by sandfly bites. It is a recurrent theme of mine - if you want good photos, one way or another you have to pay. And things that suck your blood are one of the worst. Scrambling around on muddy banks is no fun either.

This was done with my little Panasonic Lumix G1. A super little camera that, I really enjoyed it. Now replaced by the GH2.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Misty morning in the Algarve hills

Well, I'm back. After the huge hassle of the move I have had no photo computer, but now I do. I also have lots of exciting new toys, of which more later. One result of Winter arriving is I now walk the dogs in the hills first thing in the morning instead of late afternoon, and that means mists....

This is done with my (new) Panasonic GH2 and my (new) Zuiko 45mm f1.8, which is rapidly becoming my most used lens.

I wanted the highlights on the left to stop the shot being too pastel. Shooting almost directly into the sun, I had to use my hand as a shade. The lens has coped well I feel...