Friday 2 April 2010

Staring At The Sun

It is obvious that your photo will be better if the light is right. But sometimes of course the subject is the light.

Here's one from earlier this week (I told you there would be a few dawn shots for a bit) and others from the past. None of these would have any point at all if it wasn't for the light.

Thursday 1 April 2010


I wanted to show that while we may (or may not) be amazed by the gold of morning, to the fisherman it is just another lousy early morning. The question is, how much motion blur can you get away with? I think I needed a stop in either direction, either more sharpness or more blur. I'll be hoping he passes again...

Mind you, if he doesn't like getting up early, neither do I. You'll be seeing a lot of these now the clocks have changed, and it is only just getting light at seven.

The fishermen are used to me now, after all these years, and greet me cheerily. Well, they grunt anyway, which is as cheery as fishermen get, in my experience.