Monday, 28 December 2009

Lying In A Field, Getting Frustrated - 28/12/2009

Trying to take pictures of bees in flight is a great way to test your reflexes. Also your patience. I've never yet buried a camera in a field, but if I ever do it will be the fault of the bloody bees. I dread Spring - all that buzzing gives you no choice but to give it a go, and you really are guaranteed a day of little joy. What I hate about the buggers is the way they shoot off just as you press the button, leaving you with shot of a gently waving flower, and possibly a small bit of bee's arse. When I get to rearrange the world, bees will be a lot bigger. And slower moving. And they won't sting, either. In the meantime let me introduce you to a few of the sods. Note the full pollen sacs. Slows them down - well, that's my hope. How is it done? Fill in flash, and C-AF. Note that Oly E3 has performed just as well as the Nikon D3, despite the D3's much vaunted AF.


  1. Lovely pics! The first is particularly impressive - to capture the bee so close-up.

  2. Go for the big bags, they are easier.....