Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Line As The Subject - 22/12/2009

Well, the weather was a little better today, but not good enough. I didn't intend this blog to be a photography course, so I can only apologise to those I am patronising and suggest they check back in a few days, and if anyone finds the impromptu course useful, I'm glad. In the meantime, I'm gaining a little insight into my own techniques. I've been talking about using a line to draw the viewer into the image - but sometimes the line IS the image. Here's an example of letting a line create itself and add interest to what would otherwise be a flat landsacpe:

This is a shot that illustrates the virtue of patience. It was already taken half an hour before. But the sky was just getting better, so I sparked up a fag, went and bought a couple of beers from the bar at the corner, and waited to see how pink it would get. VERY pink. Well worth the wait.

The location is the island of Farol (Lighthouse - there's a surprise) off the Algarvian coast. 20 minute ferry ride from Olhao.