Wednesday 19 December 2012

Wet Feet, Leaky Wellies

Wet Feet, Leaky Wellies, originally uploaded by acampm1.
A cautionary tale of equipment failure - all very well making sure you have working cards and batteries, there is nothing more annoying than wellie failure.

Less facetiously, this is a shot about dedication. I was up in the hills walking the dogs when I say how the clouds were shaping up on the coast - three quarters of an hour later the dogs were back home, disgruntled, and I was at the coast with a camera.

You have to be prepared to drop things...

Talking of dropping things, what's happened to my ten stop ND? Grrr, more money.

Done with my lovely OM-D and the Panny 7-14.


  1. beautiful shot! did you know that olympus is using this pic on their facebook page?

  2. Oh yes, so they are! Jokky good, cheers!