Thursday, 15 July 2010

Doing It Doggy Style

Lucy And The Hose, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Well, actually this was just done as a test of the Flickr link to blogger, but it is a moderately amusing photo anyway. I've been playing a lot with a Panasonic G1, a mirrorless dSLR which makes most normal dSLRs look bulky and needless, but I have to say when you want to mess about like this, you can't beat my huge, heavy D3 Nikon.

However you don't actually need a battleship dSLR to do dog shots. I like this one of Delphi when she was young. My first ever shot with an Ultra Wide Angle lens, which is pretty much my signature style now.

Landscape With Wet Dog, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Dogs make interesting models I think, but then I like dogs. You can do this kind of shot, Delphi looking noble, easily with any camera.

Go Delphi, Go!, originally uploaded by acampm1.

On the other hand, while I have no doubt someone HAS done this on a camera phone, the D3 and 70-200VR makes it a lot easier.

It is the photographer, not the camera, that makes the picture. But the right kit for the job helps no end.


  1. That picture of Delphi being a Baskerville is frightening. Wonderful dog shots and interesting commentary throughout. Thank you.

  2. agreed (about the kit for the job) ... for my own reasons I prefer your other pictures of your dog ... I agree with Lucy ... the baskerville hound isn't what I'd want on my mantelpiece for my dog :-)

  3. On the mantelpiece, no, but on a "These Premises Are Protected By Dogs" sign, yes. :-)